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GQ Formalwear is a proud member of the International Formalwear Association.
All you need to do is get measured at any local formalwear store and enter your measurements here. Your tuxedo will be ready and waiting for your “Final Fitting” on Thursday or Friday, the week of the event.

***Please DO NOT try to measure yourself.*** Print this GQ Measurement Form and take it to your local formalwear center or tailor for professional help. Then enter the measurements into this form and select submit. This service is offered as a courtesy at most tuxedo chains. 

If you have any questions about a specific measurement or how to fill out this form, please contact us at GQ for support - 630.833.4222

Please provide the required field.
Please provide the required field.

IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE CLICK THE "SUBMIT BUTTON" once you have filled out the measurement form. You will then be re-directed to a "Success" page where you must then click the "PAY NOW" button to be directed to a secure page for leaving your $75 deposit towards your tuxedo rental.

***(IF you are clicking "SUBMIT" and not being directed to a "Success" Page, there is a field in the form that is required that you have not filled out. Please scroll up on the form to find a RED BOX around the field you must enter information into.)***



Your order WILL NOT be reserved until you leave your deposit.


*(Sizes 52 or larger may be subject to a $25 oversize fee)*


Please have a valid I.D. present for pick up. *You will also need a credit/debit card* upon pick up for security purposes. All rentals require a card on file, you may still pay with cash.


Your tuxedo will be ready for try on and pick up Thursday or Friday the week of the wedding. If you have any questions, please contact Donna @ 630.833.4222. Thanks!


-GQ Formalwear

***Please Note: By clicking submit on measurement form and paypal deposit page, you agree to all the terms and conditions of your rental contract from E & D's Gentlemen's Quarters Ltd. / DBA GQ Formalwear.

A copy of your rental contract will be given to you upon pick up of your tuxedo, or you may request one by emailing us at  Thank you.***